Joy of buying used

This past weekend, besides celebrating my birthday, I took my daughter and newphew to a local swap-meet. It was cute and interesting to see that they were more excited to go to a swap-meet than to a mall. I liked that shift in mentality, never really liked that whole spending day at the mall as the way to pass the time.

Anyway, we came kind of late in a day, but with about an hour to spend. The teens were on a hunt for some hipster boots and clothing, Since it is a first time that my daughter was at the flea-market, she was expecting it all to be organized into neat isles that, I guess, were to be marked “Hipster clothing for girls”. At first she was overwhelmed by it all, but then she got a hang of it and began enjoying the hunt for treasure.

At the end of our endeavor kids ended up getting between them 2 pairs of shoes, $12.oo each, Ralph Lauren shirt for 10 bucks (!!!) and a nice dressy top for another 10 bucks. Kids scored some great deals and were happy about their “new” (used) purchases beyond believe. My daughter is already planning her next trip.

Upon coming home, we, of course took out one pair of shoes and one piece of clothing out of the closet and into the donation bag to give room to new additions. Next trip to the swap-meet is scheduled for next month when the new clothing budget kicks in. I heard no complaints!