Day 8: Three Goals This Year (15 Days To Freedom Blogging Challenge)

Today is Day 8 of the 15 Days To Freedom Blogging Challenge called out by Natalie Sisson!

The challenge for today is to choose 3 goals for this year and place them on a calendar along with a time off and other events.

This challenge was an easy one for me because just last week I worked through Natalie’s business plan and marketing plan worksheets (Thank you, Natalie!)

Goal # 1

Write and publish a non-fiction book to help writers with the technical and business side of a business process. The goal completion date is March 31st of this year. This will be my first go at a non-fiction book (I do write manuals and procedures at work all the time) and it will be important for me for these reasons: see if I can apply my current technical experience in a book format, practice book formatting where images and screenshots are involved, see if I can adhere to shorter timelines.

Goal # 2

Complete a re-write of a novel and publish on Amazon in e-book and paper formats by July 31st. This will be my second novel and I will be employing what I have learned while stumbling through the start to finish process with my first novel and see what can be improved, automated, outsourced. Completing this novel is important to me for several reasons: growing my book backlist, streamlining my processes, growing my audience, learning further about tools and techniques involved in the process.

Goal # 3

Write, re-write, complete and publish my 3rd novel on Amazon in e-book and paper formats by December 11th. This book is second in a series and I have made promise to my readers that it will come out in December 2015. Completing this book on time will be keeping my promise to readers and to myself. Additionally, it will be important for many similar reasons in the Goal # 2.


Besides the goals mentioned above, I have several live events that I will be attending this year that I’m really excited about. In April, I will be going to WonderCon where my writers society has a booth and I will have a chance to meet my readers and hang out with people who are crazy about fantasy, sci-fi and paranormal. I am also totally planning to dress as Tardis from Doctor Who and go to a costumed masquerade!

In November, I will be going to LosCon where my writers society has a booth as well and I will have another awesome chance to hang out with readers and lovers of sci-fi.

I will also try to go to Los Angeles Festival of Books to meet readers and writers of all genre. And, if all works out, I will have a meet and greet at a local library to introduce more readers to my first novel.

Phew, busy and exciting year!


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