Day 9: One System To Implement (15 Days To Freedom Blogging Challenge)

Today is Day 9 of the 15 Days To Freedom Blogging Challenge called out by Natalie Sisson!

The challenge for today is to choose ONE system to put in place that will help me streamline my life and business and make it more efficient. Additional requirement is to list one awesome tool that I either have been using already and love or plan to use to change my life.

I looked through the list of systems that Natalie mentioned, which are:

Google Everything (Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Docs)

SOP – Standard Operating Procedures

Asana – project management and team management tool

Dropbox – cloud storage for larger files

PayPal – payment solution

InfusionSoft – CRM, email, campaign and affiliate management tool

LastPass – password management tool


As I already use Google everything, Dropbox and PayPal, I was looking into how SOP, Asana, InfusionSoft and LastPass could work for me.

Off the bat, I would have to say No to InfusionSoft, at least for now, as I simply can’t afford the system at $200 and up a month. Until my business grows to these levels, I will use a number of tools to substitute it: Mailchimp, E-junkie/Gumroad, Excel.

LastPass would be next to go as I already have a password management in place.

So that leaves me with Asana and SOP. I signed up for Asana and played with it a bit and it’s a great tool (coming from many projects, I can appreciate what it offers), but since it’s just me on the team for the nearest future, I’m afraid that I will be using a tugboat to catch one fish, if you catch my drift. I will keep this tool on a back-burner though, tracking my current project to see if the usefulness of the program will convince me to stick with it, but for now…

The WINNER is SOP! (or should I say the WINNERS are SOP?) Anyway, in my daily work in IT, I see an utmost importance of SOP in the daily life, especially when a new employee/contractor comes on board AND for existing employees, when the process doesn’t take place often.

For me personally, since I’ll be releasing a book every 6 months on average, concern is that I’ll forget some of the intricacies of formatting, setup, etc of the book files, so I definitely want to document these processes. Same goes for e-mail campaigns, SEO, etc. Creating SOP will benefit me in a long run as I begin to outsource some tasks (hired my first outsource last night, WOOT!), as well as me using the procedures as a basis for non-fiction books and courses I have in mind.

Natalie also asked to mention a tool that we currently love, that makes our lives easier. Hands down, for me it’s Scrivener. Even though I don’t use it yet to write the books in, it was an immense help when came to formatting my book for Kindle. Big shout-out goes to my writer friend and accountability partner Kayla Thomas for this incredible tip!

What systems do you have in place for your business and life?


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