Being A Tourist In My Own Town

On the Day 14 of 15 Days To Freedom Blogging Challenge, Natalie Sisson called for us to explore the places where we leave and discover wonderful things they have to offer.

This past weekend, I decided to visit Hello Kitty exhibit in Little Tokyo area of Los Angeles. The exhibit is displayed at the Japanese American National Museum (JANM) until April 25, 2015. This trip was a triple whammy for me: I have never been to Little Tokyo, I have never visited JANM and I wanted to see something as fun as Hello Kitty throughout the years.

Since the pictures worth a thousand words, below are some of the photos I took. Enjoy!








9 thoughts on “Being A Tourist In My Own Town

  1. Wow! These pics are amazing! I live in Chicago and try to become “a tourist in my own town” as often as possible. We are a mecca of food and culture so it’s rare to have the same experience twice. Hello Kitty is timeless.

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