Music When I Was Growing Up

The daily prompt I’ve stumbled upon was:
What sort of music was played in your house when you were growing up? What effect, (if any) did it have on your musical tastes?

Music is and always was a huge part of my life. I love to sing and dance and when I hear a rhythmic song, ‘my hips don’t lie’.

I grew up in an interesting combination of classic music coming from my grandma, pop music coming from my cousins and friends and rock music coming from my brother and, most importantly, my dad. His tastes in music affected me the most.

My dad was one of the first ones blasting Pink Floyd and Queen in our neighborhood in the south of Ukraine, freaking our neighbors out with a psychedelic music and strange sound effects. I loved it. I wanted to be different. And I was.

I was a straight A student who wore black leather jacket with spikes and who’s notebooks and erasers were covered with Dio, Manovar, AC/DC and Rainbow. I walked to school humming songs of Queen, singing in half-broken English and getting stares from passerby’s. I hated Russian pop and loved British rock.

Every important event in my life, every date and break-up in my mind have a tune that goes along with them. I can recognize a song from a few notes.

Don’t let me into a karaoke bar, I might stay there for 4-5 hours, until my voice is shut. (Don’t worry, I can carry a tune.)

Since I grew up in a family with mixed music tastes, my music collection is diverse and when I put my iPod on random, heavy metal is followed by opera then switching to movie scores followed by some Russian underground rock.

Still, if you ask me what 3 albums I would take on an island with me, they would be:

Pink Floyd: The Wall

Queen: A night at the opera

Kino: zvezda po imeni solntse (Star Named Sun)

Rock on!