Day 10: One System To Implement (15 Days To Freedom Blogging Challenge)

Today is Day 10 of the 15 Days To Freedom Blogging Challenge called out by Natalie Sisson!

The challenge for today is to choose ONE task I am going to outsource in the next two days. I am to pick a repetitive but a necessary task and outsource it.

Phew, that’s kind of hard, since I’m a perfectionist and have to do it myself if it’s to be done right. BUT, since officially starting my new business in October in 2014, and taking on many tasks and “hats”, I have also realized that doing it all myself is a really quick and sure way to burn out and run my business into the ground.

I am a writer and as such I know that I can’t and shouldn’t do it all myself. While working on my first book, I came to terms with having to hand my work over to those who know how to do certain tasks better than I do. My first outsourced task was the most expensive one, but also a very important one – editing. I found a trusted editor through my writers society and he edited my first novel. It was one of the best things I have ever done. I knew that a professional eye will now be on my book to make it the best it can be, and it also took a huge pressure off of me and allowed me to focus on marketing meanwhile.

The second task that I outsourced was to a cover designer. I found the most talented lady from Bulgaria and she absolutely gets me. Her cover for my book has been gathering nothing but ooohs and aaahs and I have already secured her to design the covers for two other novels I’ll be releasing this year.

At last, just the other day I have outsourced my third task and it’s to do a line editing on my novel. I posted my first job ever (!) on Elance and I’m suppose to get the results tonight, wish me luck, as I’m on a tight timeline with this book. If I like how this job is done, I might have another addition to my novel-writing team.

One of the tasks that I have on a daily basis, that takes my time but isn’t at all complex, is to re-post tweets of the group I belong to where we help each other with promotion. The problem here is that the person that would have to do this work for me would have to access both my FB and Twitter accounts. I have no idea how to make it work without giving them my logins and passwords. I know that in the Hootsuite Pro I can invite a person as a member of the team and they can post tweets for me, but the particular task that I need involves more than just that (unless I’m over-complicating things here). If anyone has an experience in outsourcing something like that, please leave a comment below…