Day 13: ONE Thing To Help Mind, Body or Soul (15 Days To Freedom Blogging Challenge)

Today is Day 13 of the 15 Days To Freedom Blogging Challenge called out by Natalie Sisson!

The challenge for today is to choose ONE thing that I will do that will help my mind, body or soul. It could take a form of exercise, changing eating habits for the better, learning new things, etc.

I have been working on these aspects of my life for the past year as I decided that from now on my life is going to be different, more meaningful, with a purpose and focus. In April of 2014 I became a vegan, in May I began to practice yoga, in September I finished my first novel and in December I published it.

During that time I have also took numerous courses, online and off, read books, listened to podcasts and webinars on writing, editing, blogging, website design, social media, marketing, taxes and other aspects of business. I love learning new things so I have enjoyed soaking up all that knowledge.

But, because it’s just one of me, the end of the year ended up being very busy and stressful and I stopped doing yoga since I was dedicating every minute to my writing and the business side of it.

Now, that the craziness of the book release is over with (almost), I can tell that my body and mind are begging for yoga and meditation. Ever since I started this 15 day blogging challenge, I have also felt a new surge of determination to begin taking care of myself and bring the yoga and meditation back. I renewed my practice yesterday and am determined to stick to it as I enjoy it and can feel the benefits of it almost immediately.



Taking on a Challenge: 15 Day To Freedom Blog Challenge with Natalie Sisson

I’m taking on the challenge called out by Suitcase Entrepreneur and Freedom Fighter Natalie Sisson, 15 Day To Freedom Blog Challenge!

Natalie, who I follow and who inspires me to become a happier, location-independent me, called out a challenge to her followers “designed to get you into the habit of daily blogging while creating more freedom in your life and business”.

The challenge comes at the perfect time as I’m embarking on a year of a focused effort to simplify my life, improve my health and grow my business. This effort is not a New Year’s resolution, but a new phase of my growth as a complete individual. I am building on the momentum of 2014, a year where I saw more from myself than I did in decades.

As I’m returning to this blog, I find it ironic and symbolic that the last time I wrote on here was exactly 4 years ago. Life definitely moves in spirals and it’s up to us to make sure these spirals move upwards.

The challenge starts on January 15th, and it’s only the beginning. Follow along and keep me honest.

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