Day 15: Daily Challenge I Liked The Most (15 Days To Freedom Blogging Challenge)

Today is Day 15 of the 15 Days To Freedom Blogging Challenge called out by Natalie Sisson!

The challenge for today is to choose ONE daily challenge from the past 14 days that I liked the most and why.

First of all, WHOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! That’s me crying and being sad that the challenge is over. It’s been a lot of fun and learning. And inspiration. And new ideas. And meeting other awesome bloggers.

Before I choose my favorite challenge, I want to talk about what I loved the most about the 15 Day To Freedom Blog Challenge overall, my lesson learned if you will. I had a couple of blogs for a couple of years and I’ve always felt intimidated by the idea of producing content because I felt that every post had to be epic, all-encircling, a full-on coverage of a topic and all that is related to it.

Throughout this 15 Days To Freedom Blogging Challenge we were asked to pick and talk about just ONE thing at a time, every time. This made the task that much less intimidating and much more manageable. Thoughts, one bite size at a time. So simple, yet so powerful.

Thinking of the posts in this manner gave me a ton of ideas and got me excited about the future posts on my blogs. I have filled out an editorial calendar for one for the next 3 months and for another one for the whole year.

THANK YOU, Natalie!

Now, onto the subject of my favorite challenge.

My favorite challenge was Day 1: Daily Success Plan. I loved imagining what my perfect successful day is going to be and knowing, that if I work at it, it will become a reality. Speaking of it in a present tense, made it that much more real and attainable. Seeing what I want so clearly made me focused and committed to the future I want.

I intend to continue to post on this blog (and later, its permanent home at and help people to simplify their lives.


Day 12: Unclutter Your Business And Your Life (15 Days To Freedom Blogging Challenge)

Today is Day 12 of the 15 Days To Freedom Blogging Challenge called out by Natalie Sisson!

The challenge for today is to decide how I would unclutter my life and business, get rid of things that fill up my spaces, weigh me down, and take those things/stuff and give them away to people that need them, sell them, etc.

This topic is near and dear to me as I’ve been decluttering my life for a while now, but boy, I still have a long way to go. Before I fell in love with simplicity, I used to collect whatever I was into at that point in time and I amassed quite a few collections. I have a collection of antique dolls (investment, really), a collection of shot glasses and other travel trinkets, I have a large number of books on a subject of doll collecting, dressing and repair, books on crocheting and jewelry making, real estate, and I have a large collection of CDs.

These are the things I can think of that can go immediately. I haven’t enjoyed or used them in a longest time and kept them really because of sentimental value (shot glasses collected with my husband) or a perceived monetary value (everything else).

As far as my business is concerned, clearing out my writing desk would be something I can and will tackle first. It has become a communal property of sorts and everyone is dumping their papers on it. I will be clearing it out and claiming my territory. Next would be paring down the old paperwork and organizing the new one.